Places to Visit in San Valentino – The Hill Town in Abruzzo Italy

San Valentino- Abruzzo Italy

San Valentino Abruzzo Italy

San Valentino is the town on a hill in the Pescara province of Abruzzo. From its name, it is easy to tell that it is based on St. Valentine, but apart from that, it is also derived from the old province in Abruzzo Citeriore. Situated in the Apennines, this medieval town is on Parco Nazionale della Majella’s northern edge, less than 40km from the coast of the Adriatic. One of the top attractions in San Valentino, Abruzzo Italy is an architectural landmark, Castello Farnese. It is also notable for its stone buildings and narrow streets, as well as fountains spewing water from the mountain streams. The town gets busy around November during the Festival of the Cuckolds, the parade that derides or honors men with adulterous wives, depending on one’s perception.

San Valentino- Abruzzo Italy

There is a handful of places to visit and experience in this Hill Town. Here are some suggestions that you can include in your itinerary:

  • Museo dei Fossili e delle Ambre – A small and intriguing museum of fossils and ambers, a tour lets you behold authentic Baltic, Apennine, and Sicilian amber among other variants. There are more than 200 samples housed in the museum. You should be able to explore the entire building in about an hour and 30 minutes.
  • Castello Farnese – The most important landmark in San Valentino, Abruzzo Italy is a medieval fortified castle that served as a residence for a noble family from the 1500s to the 1600s. Be sure not to miss the courtyard to admire the distinctive architectural features. Unfortunately, the castle is not well-preserved.
  • Duomo dei Santi Valentino e Damiano – This church is a must-see while you are in town. It is notable for its striking architecture, which is considered as among the most beautiful in Abruzzo. The best time to visit is on Valentine’s Day.

San Valentino- Abruzzo Italy

Beyond San Valentino, Abruzzo Italy, you will find more places to visit for day trips, in case you want to go further. Consider the Abbey of Saint Clemente, Ponte di Salle, Paese Vecchio di Pescosansonesco, and Parco del Lavino.

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