Whether it’s exploring Italy’s most beautiful ancient Abruzzo Medieval towns or Europe’s largest nature reserve, enjoying Abruzzo’s fine wines and cuisine or taking in the sun on any of the countless Blue Flag Beaches, Abruzzo points of interest in the Abruzzo region of Italy includes this  – and so much more to experience. Reserve your private Villa in Abruzzo here.

Explore the Abruzzo Region of Italy

Visitors to Italy’s Abruzzo region discover a rich, diverse land that flows from the Apennines mountains peaked with snow to the clear, blue Adriatic sea. Abruzzo Holidays offer white, sandy beaches that span 133 kilometers of pristine coastline, mountains that dominate every horizon, several national parks, and a rich culture steeped in art, history, fresh Abruzzo food, and wine.

From winter to summer, there are several things to see and do in Abruzzo that is available to all types of thrill-seekers including skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and mountaineering. With Alpine-like peaks that often hold snow until Spring, making Abruzzo home to the largest ski resorts in the Apennines range. The green beauty of the mountains, hills, plateaus, and lakes attract cyclists and nature enthusiasts. Travelers seeking things to see and do on the Abruzzo coast will find a myriad of watersports and activities from sailing and jet-skiing to snorkeling and fishing.

Those seeking culture and relaxation will enjoy the art towns, medieval castles and beautiful architecture, as well as gourmet food events, wine and olive oil tours. The port city of Pescara is a favorite destination for Abruzzo holidays for its close proximity to all that Abruzzo has to offer from, hilltop villages, mountainous backdrop, and fashionable shopping district and more. Pescara is also home to an international airport for travelers on abruzzo holidays.

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