How To Get To Pescara

With only a short flight away from London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt and other key European and Italian cities you land at Pescara Airport and within a 10 to 15 minute drive from the airport you will arrive at your very own private 600Sqm Villa that sits on its own 50,000Sqm private land. To book the Villa click here now.

The next closest airport is Rome Airport which is around 2 hours drive (or a short flight to Pescara airport) and Ancona Airport which around an hour and half.

Hiring a car?

Hiring a car is a great way to get to and from the villa and offers the flexibility to explore the region at your own leisure. We recommend booking in advance via Rhino who offer great rates and service, often significantly cheaper than booking direct. They provide car rental from Pescara, Rome as well as all key airports and locations in Italy. BOOK HERE

Rome to Pescara by car

Driving to Pescara

If you are driving to Pescara, you can take the efficient Motorway, or “Austostrada”. The Autostrada is run by a private company and you pass through pay tolls to use it. Drivers with a Viacard or Telepass card pass through the blue lane when entering the toll whereby there are cameras that automatically register the car. Remember that the law requires that you have your headlights on at all times (including during the day) when driving in Italy. Rome

How To Get the Bus from Rome to Pescara

There are direct buses from Rome Fiumicino Airport with Pronto Bus. Please visit www.prontobusitalia.it Also if you are landing at Rome airport there is the convenient bus connection from the Tiburtina bus terminal (next to the Tiburtina train station). The travel time by bus from Rome to Pescara is around 2 hours. There are direct trains from Rome’s “Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino” airport to Tiburtina bus terminal that run two or three times every hour. Alternatively if you happen to already be in Rome you can take the Metro that will take you to Tiburtina. There is also the option of the train from Tiburtina to Pescara Centrale but note that there are different types of trains available with varying comfort, prices and speed. You will be boarding any of the following buses depending on what time you depart: ARPA – www.arpaonline.it | Di Febo www.difebocapuani.it |Di Fonzo www.difonzobus.com It would be highly recommended to also double check the time tables directly with the bus websites as time tables are also subject to change.

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