Azzinano – The Beautiful Picturesque Village

Azzinano is an outlying village in the municipality of Tossicia, Teramo that sits about 400 meters above sea level. It is definitely a must-visit place in the Abruzzo region Italy. because of its interesting history, demographics, and of course, its unique and innate beauty. Azzinano is a small village with only 164 inhabitants, but it has a lot of stories to tell.

What makes Azzinano village worth exploring?

  1. Beautiful murals

Many villages in Italy are revered for their amazing architecture, but this isn’t what makes Azzinano distinct. Here, homes are Instagrammed because of the colorful artworks decorating their walls. Visiting this place is like exploring an open-air museum. What makes Azzinano’s walls more interesting is that they are created by artists all over the country. In this place, creativity and the art of storytelling are showcased in a compelling way.

  1. Walls Tell

The village hosts an annual 10-day event called “Walls Tell” which aims to preserve and showcase the region’s cultural heritage and history for the next generation to remember and celebrate. During this event, homes get a makeover. Murals are replaced, giving tourists new murals to see every year. The village becomes livelier during the last week of July as artists use their paints and brushes to work on these empty canvases.


  1. Home of one of the most important Italian naive painters

Azzinano is the birthplace and hometown of Annunziata Scipione, the naive painter who led this artistic movement. She rose to fame because despite having no formal and technical education, her natural talent and eye for painting come alive in all her works.

While you are in the municipality of Tossicia, why not visit other landmarks and cultural sites nearby? Many tourists suggest Palazzo Marchesale, Chiesa di Santa Sinforosa, and L’Anello Delle Frazioni di Tossicia as the other top destinations to explore.

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