Exploring Abruzzo: Your Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

Exploring Abruzzo: Your Ultimate Road Trip Adventure Welcome to the picturesque region of Abruzzo, Italy, where breathtaking landscapes, medieval villages, and unforgettable experiences await. If you’re seeking the perfect getaway, consider an Abruzzo road trip that will lead you through enchanting villages and provide you with a taste of authentic Italian culture. Your journey begins

How to make the most out of your holiday in Abruzzo

How to make the most out of your holiday in Abruzzo Abruzzo is a region in central Italy, famous for its beautiful natural parks, which earned it the name “the green lung of Europe”. A simple glimpse over Abruzzo is enough to believe the region seems to have it all. A beautiful coastline, green National

Top Things to See and Do in Chieti

Chieti is one of the four provinces in the beautiful region of Abruzzo. With its land area of 2,588, there's surely a plethora of historic landmarks, beautiful places, and unique activities that you can experience here. The following are some of the most suggested things to see and do according to reviewers and tourists

Top 4 Things You Must Not Miss When Visiting Carunchio

If you are staying in the province of Chieti on your vacation, do not forget to include a trip to Carunchio on your itinerary, which is the best location among all Abruzzo destinations. One day will be enough to explore this beautiful small town in the center of the valley of the Trigno River.

Azzinano – The Beautiful Picturesque Village

Azzinano is an outlying village in the municipality of Tossicia, Teramo that sits about 400 meters above sea level. It is definitely a must-visit place in the Abruzzo region Italy. because of its interesting history, demographics, and of course, its unique and innate beauty. Azzinano is a small village with only 164 inhabitants, but

Popoli – History, Main Sights and Festivals

Popoli is a commune located in the is a province of Pescara in the region of Abruzzo. As with the other towns in this area, Popoli also boasts a colorful history as the ancient center of the Peligni. Surrounding it are picturesque natural attractions such as the Pescara river and Mount Morrone. If you

Exploring Campli – History, Festivals, And Tourist Sights

Campli It is almost impossible to run out of Abruzzo destinations to visit, especially if you are adventurous and curious type. The region may be rich in breathtaking cities, mountains, coastal areas, and wine trails, but that does not mean you should miss out on small towns, like Campli, a commune and town in the

An Insider’s Guide To Abruzzo Italy’s Most Popular Landmarks

An Insider's Guide To Abruzzo Italy's Most Popular Landmarks Abruzzo is a region rich in historic hilltop towns, romantic castles, monasteries, and stunning scenery. Any visitor is spoiled for choice when they must decide where to visit. This is a brief guide to some of the most popular landmarks. However, you will find many other beautiful