Abruzzo Offers a Fresh and Unique Take on Italy That Must Be Experienced

Abruzzo Italy

Abruzzo Offers a Fresh and Unique Take on Italy That Must Be Experienced

Those that have been to Italy before will be able to testify how passionate and alluring the culture is, but there are some parts of Italy have been overlooked in the past which not only offer a different take on Italy but also offer a lot of history that can’t be found in the more modern locations.

Abruzzo is a part of Italy that has found favour to European visitors thanks to its famous snow seasons, but many tour operators and holiday providers are keen to put Abruzzo at the top of tourist destination wish list, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The region of Abruzzo is world’s apart from the modern inception of Italy, offering a choice of medieval landscapes, immersive wildlife parks and amazing mountain ranges.

Enjoy Amazing Abruzzo Cuisine with Unique Inspiration

Fine dining is already a staple of Italy, but those that visit Abruzzo are given a more historic form of cuisine that draws inspiration from both its surroundings and its history. Given that the border of Abruzzo and formed with mountains and the sea, visitors can expect a series of dishes with a focus on seafood and meat.

Those sampling the food from Abruzzo can also be amazed by the fact that they are enjoying pasta from one of the oldest pasta production houses in the world. Antico Pastificio Rosetano is just one of several historic pasta production houses in the region that has been creating delicious pasta since the 1800s.

Vacation Rentals Offer a Real Sense of Community and Culture

One of the reasons that Abruzzo is becoming some popular with tourists is because of the warm and welcoming culture of the region, so to get the best from Abruzzo, a vacation rental is recommended.

Not only will you be in the heart of the community, which is a treat in itself, but you’ll also be nearby everything you need, regardless of whether you’re looking to collect some groceries or enjoy the amazing environment on offer.

What’s more, using a vacation rental in Abruzzo is often more cost-effective than a hotel, allowing you to make your money stretch while on holiday, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

Visit the Historic Trabocchi Coast

The Trabbocchi Coast is protected UNESCO World Heritage site that starts at Ortona and leads to San Salvo in the Chieti province. The name ‘trabocchi’ derives from the collection of fishing nets found at the coast.

The fishing nets are a telling part of Abruzzo history and fisherman used the nets to collect fish while avoiding the dangerous waters.

Modern technology now takes part in gathering the best seafood available, but the Trabocchi Coast remains to show the Abruzzo of yesteryear and highlights how far the region has come when it comes to unique and delicious seafood.

Enjoy the National Park of Abruzzo

The National Park of Abruzzo was first established back in 1922 and is one of the most important locations in Abruzzo as it helps preserve rare breeds of animals. As well as being introduced to a series of animals that include the Marsican Brown Bear and the Apennine Wolf, those visiting Abruzzo will also be introduced to a series of beech forest that is home to a wide selection of birds.

Words alone are not enough to highlight how beautiful, unique and immersive the region of Abruzzo, but those looking for a trip to Italy that offers a different vantage point, then Abruzzo offers everything you want and more.


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