Atri Abruzzo Italy


Atri Abruzzo Italy

Atri is a short drive from Abruzzo Villas. The charming town of Atri is located on a hill and in around 20 minutes you can reach it from your Abruzzo Villa Rental.

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Atri is probably one of the most important historical and artistic centers of the Abruzzo region of Italy. Atri, Italy has very ancient historic origins and it is assumed that its history began in the tenth century BC with the migration and inhabitants of the Illyrians, first by the Hadranus then as Hatria and it is also believed that its name comes from the Illyrian god Hatranus (Hatrani). This area of Atri has always been of great importance since by the ‘era of the Romans, especially for its strategic position. In the Middle Ages Atri was a free commune in the fourteenth century, but it was literally sold by the Anjou family Acquaviva and the country received a new radiance.

Atri’s must see monuments include the 13th century Duomo – the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and the Palazzo Ducale, the palace of the Acquaviva’s which is strategically situated on the highest point of the town.

The fifteenth century frescoes in the cathedral are painted by the Abruzzo painter Andrea de Litio or also know as Delitio. The Palazzo Ducale is now used for offices pertaining to the municipality and province of Teramo.

Also worth seeing is the Museo Capitolare, the Chiesa San Francesco which features a flight of stairs in the Baroque style, and the Chiesa San Domenico which contains two 17th century paintings by Giacomo Farelli.

Atri sights also worth visiting in include:

  • Atri Church of San Agostino (14th century)
  • Atri Church of San Andrea Apostolo (14th century)
  • Atri Church of San Nicola
  • Atri Church of Santa Chiara (13th century)
  • Atri Church of Santo Spirito (12th – 18th century)
  • Atri Church of San Andrea Apostolo (14th century)
  • Atri Church of San Nicola
  • Atri Church of Santa Chiara (13th century)


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  1. I shall be living in Atri in June and July 2015 and I would like to know where I can have my INR blood test to ensure I am on the correct warfarin medicine. Are there any Laboratorio di analysis di sangue?

  2. Agreed with the first person on stnayig in the Alps. The Dolomites in Italy that’s my favorite, it’s unearthly beautiful. And since its so far north, it almost doesn’t seem like Italy anymore, but Switzerland, or even Germany. And while at it, why not Switzerland? It has the best of both (three!) worlds, with national languages of German, Italian, and French Switzerland is one of my favorite countries in this world. And since it’s entirely in the middle of the Alps, you’ll be guarenteed some snow. Try Lake Geneva or Lake Como, or Bern I’ve never been to Bern, but hear amazing things about it, all younger people I know who go there, love it. And I belive it’s a german speaking town?

  3. Your Video of Atri did not show the most beautiful view of the
    Adriadic Sea off of the East side of the City. From there you could see the small towns on the beaches, ie: Silvi Marina, etc.
    The climate in Abruzzo is very similar to the climate in Orange
    County California USA. Very difficult to find anywhere else in
    the world. The other thing I found in Abuzzo was the delicious
    food. They must have the best cooks in the country,.
    Abruzzo is my favorite place ion all of Italy..


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