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Pianella is a charming town and being part of the province of Pescara it only takes around a 25 minute drive to reach Pianella from Abruzzo Villas.

Pianella is 236 meters above sea level and is inhabited by around 7500 “Pianellesi” and is renowned for its clean flavor and fruity Olive Oil. Historical documents suggest that inhabitants date back to 963AD and over the centuries Pianella has had a long history of attacks and devastations but in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it proved it reached  great economic prosperity as evidence shows by the many palaces that bear the name of the noble families

The main sites of Pianella would include a walk in the old town and a visit to the 15th Century Pianella Church of San Domenico and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

The historical or old town of Pianella is surrounded by a medieval wall and once you enter its arches you immediately feel as you are entering a new town all together – away from the hustle and bustle and vibrant cafes outside its protected wall.

Pianella’s surrounding country side dotted with olive trees with Abruzzo’s mountain back drop, La Mijella is also well worth a scenic drive and as our bike ride was a continuation from Loreto Aprutino we kept on riding towards the mountains where the altitude was higher and temperature was cooler. We also stopped by a butcher in a town called Villa Celiera renowned for its butcher that sells excellent arrosticini (typical Abruzzo Food)


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  1. We also stopped by Pianella and visited the beautiful Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore. It’s a beautiful church located close to the centre of Pianella.


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