Penne Italy | Everything You Need to Know About Penne Abruzzo Italy

Penne Abruzzo

Penne Abruzzo Italy

Penne Italy Abruzzo (Province of Pescara, Italy)

Penne in Abruzzo Italy is one of the oldest towns in the Abruzzo region with a rich history dating back 300BC whereby the Vestini tribe that lived in the city named the town it as Pinna and with the rest of the region came under the control of the Romans in the 1sr century BC. Subsequently it came under the control of the Duchy of Spoleto followed by the Kingdom of Sicily.

Penne Italy | Penne Abruzzo
Penne Italy | Penne Abruzzo

Today Penne, Italy is part of the province of Pescara, has been graced with winning the title of “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” or one of the most beautiful villages in Italy as it is known for its ancient buildings and brick churches which are one of the main tourist pulls of Penne – also a fact that is not quite known about Penne is that Brioni, the Italian fashion house is based here whose suits are still hand sewn by Pennese – the same suits that have been worn by James Bond, Luciano Pavaroti and Nelson Mandela.

Some of the local and international tourists alike love to visit Penne in Italy for a day trip to see some of the key sites such as its Churches that date back to 1750 to include:

  • Church of Sant’Agostino
  • Parish Church of Sant’Annunciazione del Signore
  • Church of San Domenico
  • Church of San Panfilo
  • Convent of Santa Maria del Carmine

Penne Abruzzo Italy

The architecture that you would want to explore as you meander through the streets of Penne would include

  • Palazzo Picchetto-Pansa
  • Palazzo del Bono
  • Palazzo Castiglione
  • Roman Cloister
  • Palazzo Gaudiosi
  • Palazzo Aliprandi
  • The Renaissance Tower

Penne Abruzzo Italy is also renowned for its festivals mainly in mid-August comprising of:

  • Palio de Sei Rioni where locals take part in various races. During the festival, the streets of Penne are lined with local food, and crafts.
  • Pecora Nait is a culinary festival mainly around cooking lamb
  • Sagra della Battitura e della Trebbiatura del Grano, which celebrates antique times of milling grain and as usual the streets will be vibrant with various food stalls.
Penne Italy
Penne Italy – A beautiful Medieval Village in Abruzzo Italy


Verdant landscapes and wooded areas surround the Italian medieval center, which until this very day has been very well preserved. The ancient Penne city center features a charming maze of narrow, steep, cobblestone alleys that lead to impressive architectural features and surrounded by ancient walls.

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    • Hi, we are looking at Penne for an apartment to buy. Did you buy? Where are you from? We are in the US. Is it a hassle to buy in Italy? The prices are so great.

      • Hello, from Columbus, Ohio.

        I have my paternal farm house fort sale in Pianella, not too far from Penne.
        It is located in Contrada Collevecchio, 6. Very interesting house.
        Call me at 1-614-833-5716 (USA).

  1. Hello,
    My husband and I are traveling to Penne next week to look for property there. We are retired and live in Florida. Good luck with your purchase.

    • Hi Michael congratulations on your apparent in Penne 🙂

      There is a growing number of expats moving to Penne and Abruzzo and there is a small community on Facebook called Abruzzo expat community that you may wish to also join – and hopefully anyone on this Penne Abruzzo post that may wish to chime in. Hope this helps! 🙂


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