Salle Vecchia | Salle Vecchia Abruzzo

Salle Vecchia

Salle Vecchia

an eerie hamlet

Salle Vecchia is around a 1 hours drive from Abruzzo Villas. It is worth a quick stop to take a walk around and could be combined with a day trip to some other villages and towns in the surrounding region of Abruzzo

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Salle Vecchia is an abandoned 11th Century medieval hamlet. The residents of Salle Vecchia evacuated after an earthquake that occurred in 1933. The extensively restored  Salle Vecchia castle owned now by the baron of Genova is worth a visit. It showcases his collections which includes objects an art by Abruzzo artists.

When I walked though this very eerie hamlet I did notice that there was still 1 person living there. If you do go for a visit and have the courage to strike a conversation with one of the only residents of Salle Vecchia let me know what that person does there living alone in the middle of nowhere! I didn’t strike a conversation as I thought I would end up in the twilight zone!



5 thoughts on “Salle Vecchia | Salle Vecchia Abruzzo

    • It was our first time on to Abruzzo and we also visited Salle Vecchia. It definitely will not be our last visit to Abruzzo. My family and I had a wonderful time. And the people from Abruzzo were friendly and the food was divine. made our night extremely special. We hope to see you all again really soon in Abruzzo. Thank you.

  1. You missed a great opportunity in avoiding a conversaation with that one person. Salle Vecchia is perhaps one of the most breath taking places I have had the good fortune of visiting. Both of my parents were born there and my heart will forever be owned by Salle and the surrounding area. That person could have shared many historical accounts of the area, the people , the customs, etc…that person lives there because there is no other place that gifts so much peace, beauty and simplicity…too bad for you.


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