Loreto Aprutino | Loreto Aprutino Abruzzo Photos | Loreto Aprutino Italy

Loreto Aprutino | Loreto Aprutino Abruzzo

Loreto Aprutino

Loreto Aprutino is well worth a quick trip to visit and it is only around a 15 minute drive from Abruzzo Villas. Loreto Aprutino sits on a hill so the views from the roads that wind to Loreto Aprutino are really picturesque, and as it was a beautiful spring day in March, this particular trip to Loreto Aprutino had to be done on motorbike, a BMW R1200 GS.

Loreto Aprutino is important to the production of Pescara’s Olive Oil industry and produces around 22% of Pescara’s high quality olive oil. When buying olive oil look out for the DOC Aprutino-Pescara mark which guarantees their high quality olive oil. There is also Loreto Aprutino’s Olive Oil museum (Museo dell’Olio) that you may wish to pop in for a visit.

Loreto Aprutino’s patron saint San Zopito is celebrated every year on the Monday of Pentecost with a procession, in which his relics are taken through the streets of Loreto Aprutino along with a white bull, festooned with ribbons and ridden by a boy symbolizing an angel, also dressed in white and adorned with jewels holding a parasol, with which he covers his head.



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