Popoli – History, Main Sights and Festivals

Popoli is a commune located in the is a province of Pescara in the region of Abruzzo. As with the other towns in this area, Popoli also boasts a colorful history as the ancient center of the Peligni. Surrounding it are picturesque natural attractions such as the Pescara river and Mount Morrone. If you are looking for an educational, thrilling, and fun-filled adventure during your Pescara holidays, then include Popoli, Italy in your itinerary.


Partly lying on the plains and partly on the hillside, Popoli was an important place in the earliest century due to its strategic position. It is found along the communication routes called the Via degli Abruzzi that connected Florence and Naples, passing through Abruzzo. Popoli was originally called Castrum Properi back in 1016. It was a property of Roccone’s son, named Girardo. In the 13th century, Popoli became a part of the territory of the Cantelmos. During those years, the center was further strengthened and became an important strategic fort in Tremonti gorges. This is all thanks to Bishop Valva. Tocco from Montemiletto is another powerful leader who is credited for fortifying Popoli, Italy.

Popoli Italy – Popoli Abruzzo

Main Sights

  • Taverna Ducale and Palazzo Ducale – This 14th-century museum features a remarkable facade. It is one of the most important medieval buildings in the region of Abruzzo.
  • Church of San Francesco – This was rebuilt in the 15th century. Here, you’ll find the wooden crucifix and an altar in Castelli ceramics.
  • The Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria – This was founded by Louis II in 871 during his imprisonment in the Duchy of Benevento.
  • Castello Ducale Cantelmo – This middle age structure is considered among the loveliest hamlets in Italy


August is a great time to go if you want to participate in local festivities in Popoli. During this month, you can catch the trout festival as well as Cronoscalata Svolte di Popoli, a car racing event that draws racing professionals and fans from the world over and the Certame de la Balestra festival. The Certame de la Balestra in Popoli is held with a procession, a race, shows and fireworks and the festival celebrates ancient traditions.

Popoli Italy – Popoli Abruzzo

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