Pescocostanzo | Pescocostanzo An Evergreen Vacation Destination In Abruzzo Region

Pescocostanzo-Abruzzo Region Italy


The little town of Pescocostanzo is big on art, culture, and nature—a perfect summer and winter destination that offers tourists an eclectic mix of attractions, unique to the region. Pescocostanzo, a town rich in history, some of the most iconic landmarks in the area date back from the Middle Ages although there are also many traces that are indicative of tribal life from prehistory. This ancient Italian village is famous because of its superbly preserved collection of both religious and civil architecture. Amidst its rich woodlands and unquestionable natural beauty are an exceptional sampling of cultural, artistic, and historical heritage, ranging from architectural landmarks and monuments to what is known as “the portal of the Renaissance,” among many other interesting destinations.

Pescocostanzo is located at right in the heart of town you will find a variety of architectural marvels, including neoclassical monuments and perfectly preserved Baroque and Renaissance buildings, which are crown jewels of the town’s architectural heritage. Perhaps the most notable and culturally important monument in Pescocostanzo is the Santa Maria del Colle Basilica, which is said to be one of the most beautiful and interesting churches in the region, not only because of its imposing architecture, but also because of its unparalleled collection of art.

An excellent place for winter and summer excursions, Pescocostanzo never runs out of attractions to offer its visitors. Summertime calls for adventurous pursuits in and around Sant’Antonio Wood, which is a great place for picnics, horse riding, and all sorts of nature trips. In winter, the small town turns into a major skiing and hiking destination. A true evergreen vacation destination, Pescocostanzo has the honor of being recognized through the International Carlo Scarpa Award for the Garden, way back in 2012—a first for its kind of landscape. The Wood is also known for its rare collection of fauna, ranging from small mammals as well as deer, wolves, and brown bears.

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