Pietracamela – Astounding Mountain Landscapes For Mountain Lovers


Once you have decided where to stay in Abruzzo, it is time to start planning your trip and look into amazing places that will fulfill your travel goals. For mountain and nature lovers, there is Pietracamela, a village that was established on the slopes of Corno Piccolo, Gran Sasso’s second top. It has been globally recognized and awarded as one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. The town’s origins can be traced way back to 1452, based on the plaque on the door of the Church of San Giovanni. However, the area has already been inhabited in the Roman era, as well as in the Middle Ages.

The breathtaking mountain landscape of Pietracamela is one of the attractions you must experience, even as you are planning where to stay in Abruzzo. The municipality itself is part of Monti della Laga and the Gran Sasso National Park. The town rises up to 1005m in height, and upon stepping into it, there is no denying that you are in an ancient mountain village. A lot of the houses that still stand today have been around since the 1400s. Monuments like the churches of San Rocco and San Giovanni still stand tall, housing artistic religious masterpieces and treasures. San Leucio parish church is another medieval structure where you can find well-preserved 17th century paintings and an amazing 16th century stoup, which is adorned with sculpted aquatic animals onto its basin.

No visit to Pietracamela is complete without seeing Casa de li Signuritte, which is remarkable for its mullioned windows and the majolica crucifix. From there, be sure to drop by the house of Don Ioani, which has been around since 1505. There, you can find the coat of arms of the town. As you take a walk around the mountain village, you are likely to come across stone houses with their own character. Be sure to explore narrow lanes and find your way to see the sail-shaped bell tower, clock, and the ancient meridian.

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