Visit Pettorano Sul Gizio | Your Travel Guide of Pettorano Sul Gizio

Pettorano Sul Gizio | Pettorano Sul Gizio Abruzzo region Italy

Pettorano Sul Gizio

The Abruzzo region of Italy may be vast, making it challenging to see as many places as you can. However, if you are looking to enjoy a holiday that is full of history, beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, and a bit of adventure, you may want to consider small towns like Pettorano sul Gizio, which is in the L’Aquila province in central-southern Italy. It is recognized and awarded as one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. Its name can be attributed to the Gizio river, which flows in the territory itself. The town rises along Peligna Valley’s southern boundary along the road that links the Cinque Miglia Plateau to Sulmona, between the rivers Riaccio and Gizio. Due to the rivers, plenty of extra virgin oil plants and mills were able to thrive. However, the local economy is also able to be supported by weaving, spinning, and coppersmithery.

Cantelmo Castle is one of the top medieval attractions in Pettorano sul Gizio. When planning your trip to the Abruzzo region in Italy, be sure to see this 11th-century castle that overlooks Peligna Valley and the Gizio river. It is notable for its irregular plan and massive, cylindrical towers at its south-western and north-western corners. A quadrangular tower’s remains can be found at the south-eastern side. The heart of the castle stands a pentagonal tower, the most ancient aspect of the entire structure.

Palazzo Ducale is another point of interest that you must see in Pettorano sul Gizio. It became the Cantelmo family’s home for centuries. Today, it serves as the town hall. Be sure to visit the courtyard to see the stone fountain. The palace’s facade features an ancient sun clock. Chiesa di San Dionisio is a must-see 18th-century structure when you explore this part of the Abruzzo region in Italy, too. There, you can find a monumental fountain with statues of Neptune and Amphitrites.

If you are visiting the Abruzzo region, Italy to experience the local culture, be sure to be in Pettorano sul Gizio on January 1 for Serenata di Capodanno, a musical event that occurs all over town. The Feast of Santa Margherita and San Benigno is celebrated on July 12 to 13. The Emigrants’ festival is also celebrated in July. Are you planning on exploring Abruzzo towns and medieval villages such as Pettorano Sul Gizio? Our Villa puts you in the centre of all things Italian in the Adriatic Coast of Italy’s Abruzzo region. Contact Daniela today to enquiry about booking your dream Italian villa.



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