Top 4 Things You Must Not Miss When Visiting Carunchio

If you are staying in the province of Chieti on your vacation, do not forget to include a trip to Carunchio on your itinerary, which is the best location among all Abruzzo destinations. One day will be enough to explore this beautiful small town in the center of the valley of the Trigno River. You will surely have an unforgettable experience here, especially if you are visiting with your family or friends. Here are five suggested activities that you can do when visiting Carunchio.

        1. Learn some history at the Chiesa di Santa Maria o Del Purgatorio.

Among the famous religious sites in the Chieti is the Chiesa di Santa Maria o Del Purgatorio. The small village center church is found just outside the walls. Decorated with 15th-century gothic designs like its iconic rose window and stone portal, the church was used in the early times for funerary functions. Today, what you will see inside are Renaissance frescoes of the Passion of Christ.

Carunchio -2

          2. Go on a Carunchio wildlife tour

Are you the outdoorsy type? Go on a fun and exciting backpacking journey as you trek Carunchio’s nature trails. You’ll find an organization here that offers basic and advanced survival courses, too.

          3. Dine at local restaurants

You haven’t really seen Carunchio until you have enjoyed its local specialties. Make sure to take time out to dine at any of the local restaurants during your trip. Admire the picturesque little village as you taste authentic Italian cuisine.

          4. Catch an organ concert at the Chiesa of San Giovanni Battista

If you are visiting in summer, you should not miss the church’s organ concert, where they play one of the most famous baroque pipe organs in the country (dating back to the late 1600s). The Church of San Giovanni Battista is historic in itself. In fact, it is one of the most important structures in Chieti. Here, you’ll learn interesting facts about 17th-century history.

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