Top Things to See and Do in Chieti

Chieti is one of the four provinces in the beautiful region of Abruzzo. With its land area of 2,588, there’s surely a plethora of historic landmarks, beautiful places, and unique activities that you can experience here. The following are some of the most suggested things to see and do according to reviewers and tourists who have explored Chieti before:

  1. Visit the capital city of Chieti

Chieti’s capital city is also called Chieti. It is a small commune in Abruzzo region, but it is one of the most interesting places to explore, with a history that dates back to ancient times. You’ll discover its colorful medieval stories, including facts about the different powerful empires that conquered it and all the wars it has seen. Here, you will also hear fascinating mythological legends on how it was founded in 1181BC by the Homeric Greek hero Achilles. Some of the famous landmarks in the city are Chieti cathedral, Church of Saint Francis, and Teatro Marrucino.



  1.  Discover the stunning Trabocchi Coast

Trabocchi Coast’s picturesque stretch of blue waters and coastal scenery is just one of the reasons why tourists go to this place. Some parts of the fishing area are still managed by generations of fishermen, while others have been converted into restaurants, so aside from sightseeing, you will also enjoy eating Italian seafood cuisine while here.

  1. Bask in the sun in the white sandy beaches in Vasto

It’s known for its 12th– to the 18th-century structures and churches, but Vasto has plenty more to show you—such as its stunning beaches. Just below the hill is the popular beach resort town of Marina di Vasto. Its long stretch of white sandy beach looks majestic from afar and up close. Vasto is one of the region’s finest coastal towns, offering holidaymakers different water activities and dining experiences.


Attend the Good Friday procession

 The Good Friday procession in Chieti is steeped in symbolism and music. UNESCO has also noted this Italian event as an important part of Easter traditions in Italy and will soon become earmarked on the UNESCO heritage of world calendar of events. Known for its slow walking procession through the winding streets of Chieti’s old town where religious symbolic objects and statues are paraded through the beautiful old town followed by state officials and an orchestra of 100 choir singers, violinists and flutists.

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Top Things to See and Do in Chieti


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