Civitella Del Tronto | The Glorious History of Civitella Del Tronto

Civitella Del Tronto

Remarkable for its imposing fortress, the cliff top town of Civitella del Tronto is not only among the most historic but also one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Perhaps the most important monument in town, the Fortress of Civitella is the largest of its kind in the country and the second largest in all of Europe. This majestic fortress occupies and spans the entire hillside and the rest of the village right below it.

Civitella Del Tronto | Civitella Del Tronto, Abruzzo Italy

Much of Civitella Del Tronto history surrounds the Bourbon fortress, which was built between the years 1564 and 1576, during the time of Spanish domination. The fortress divided the northern border of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies right at its boundaries with the Vatican. Although the place has existed well before the fortress, much of civilization grew and developed around the imposing fortification.

Some of the most notable attractions in Civitella Del Tronto have a lot to do with history. Ripa di Civitella, for instance, is home to some incredible Paleolithic and Neolithic relics that trace human presence in the area back to the prehistoric times. Other interesting places to visit for these kinds of attractions include the Salomone and Sant’Angelo grottos. The medieval citadel, around which the town is built is not only an imposing landmark, but also among the most historically significant monuments in Civitella, because of the role it played in resisting invading armies.

Civitella Del Tronto | Civitella Del Tronto, Abruzzo Italy

Other must-see historic attractions you shouldn’t miss on a visit to Civitella Del Tronto include stunning churches like Chiesa di San Francesco and Chiesa di San Lorenzo, which date back to the 14th and 13th centuries, respectively. Porta Napoli is also notable for its large stone-laden structure, vaulted roof, and five towers—another interesting architectural marvel from the 13th century. Outside the town walls is Santuario della Madonna dei Lumi, a Romanesque style church, which is also home to a famed 15th-century sculpture, rumored to be a work of one Giovanni di Blasuccio.


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