Top 3 Places to Visit in Guardiagrele

Guardiagrele | Abruzzo


A major gateway to the Abruzzo region, Guardiagrele is a charming little hilltop village best known for its imposing church walls. The Abruzzo enclave is definitely a must when visiting Italy’s Adriatic Coast. It is sandwiched right between the sea and the mountains (the Apennine mountains stand majestically behind, forming the most splendid of backdrops to the region). This hidden gem just 45 minutes by car from our Vila Rental makes for a lovely day trip.

The town of Guardiagrele lies right at the foothills of Maiella mountain. With a population numbering just about 10,000, this little laidback village is a perfect hideaway if you want to spend time away from the crowds, while being captivated by the panoramic mountain views that surround town. The seat of the exquisitely maintained Maiella National Park, Guardiagrele belongs to an exclusive club known as Borghi piu belli d’Italia or literally the most beautiful burghs in Italy.

There are many interesting sites to see and places to visit in Guardiagrele, not the least of which is the aforementioned national park, which is a great place to get lost in nature and discover the environmental richness of the region. Another major place to visit in town is the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, a gothic style masterpiece that is one of the most imposing and notable structures you would see in the hilltop village. Those who can’t get enough of the beautiful architecture in the unassuming town, may also visit other structures of interest like the 4th century S. Nicola di Bari, Palazzo de Lucia, the Convent of the Capuchins, and Palazzo Elisii. You should likewise not miss a photo opportunity with the Guardia or watchtower, from which the village’s name derives. Guardiagrele is a great stop for those who are going on ski and mountain trips in Abruzzo.

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  1. I would like to visit here someday. My grandfather and his family emigrated to the U.S. from here in 1898 when he was just 2 years old. I would love to come see all the beautiful sights and the incredible view of the mountains and the sea, to experience that same view my ancestors did would be wonderful!


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