Rocca San Giovanni | Top Reasons to Visit Rocca San Giovanni

Rocca San Giovanni Abruzzo

Rocca San Giovanni

When in Abruzzo, one of the must-see destinations you should consider is Rocca San Giovanni, even as a stop-over or part of your sightseeing itinerary. It is a town and commune in the province of Chieti. It may not be your typical tourist trap, and you are not likely to experience it to be as crowded as the typical tourist destinations, but that is just a part of its charm and a reason to visit and spend some time. Here are five more reasons to go:

It has its own share of wonderful historic attractions– Visit the historical center of the town that has been around since the 14thcentury. See what remains of the Norman walls, which had been standing since 1061. A visit toRocca San Giovanni is not complete without dropping by the Church of St. Matthew, which is notable for its medieval structure of a smaller scale inspired by that of San Giovanni Abbey in Venere. The bell tower was added around the 14thto 15thcenturies.

See Zoo d’Abruzzo– Spend at least two hours and 30 minutes exploring the zoo and getting to know some of the wildlife in Rocca San Giovanniand Abruzzo itself. It is a child-friendly and family-friendly attraction that is great for everyone, especially for animal lovers.

Easy to reach– You can easily reach the beautiful medieval village of Rocca San Giovannifrom Abruzzo. It could take around 45-minute drive from your accommodation in Abruzzo.

It is considered one of Italys most beautiful villages – Rocca San Giovanni is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy  and belongs to an exclusive club known as Borghi piu belli d’Italia or literally the most beautiful towns in Italy

Plenty of activities to enjoy– Rocca San Giovanniis a great jump-off point to Vasto Beach, Ponte del Mare, and Majella National Park. You can also go on a daytrip to Pescara Beach.

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