Bugnara – What Makes Bugnara one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

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Abruzzo in Italy is an absolute off-the-beaten track destination if you want to break away from the classic Italian travel experience. While Rome is a dream city for many travelers, it also pays expanding your horizons and choosing to explore other worthwhile regions such as Bugnara that offer just as much exciting things to see and discover. Rentals in Abruzzo, Bugnara are perfect bases for an exciting adventure in the region.

Bugnara, Bugnara Abruzzo


Abruzzo has one of the most unique and diverse landscapes in Italy, affording it stretches of beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and national parks, not to mention medieval villages that create an exciting tourist paradise that is still largely left untouched such as Bugnara, you’ll be in the perfect position to explore the beauty that is this small mountain village.



Bugnara, Bugnara Abruzzo


Like Castel del Monte, Bugnara is recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, beautifully perched on the Colle Rotondo mountainside, which affords the town a lush backdrop of mountain greens. Its center is home to a picturesque medieval old town with streets and alleyways leading to even more beautiful treasures and hidden gems. A great base for exploring the rest of the Abruzzo region, Bugnara itself is an exciting place to discover, and conveniently so, as the village is small enough to be explored entirely on foot.


Bugnara, Bugnara Abruzzo

There are many interesting highlights to the town of Bugnara, starting with the main square, where you can start exploring narrow pedestrian streets and alleyways, and marvel at the town’s medieval origins, evident in the patchwork of medieval architecture that many homes and buildings feature. The Church of SS Rosario is an imposing feature in the main square. It dates as far back as the year 1602 and retains its late baroque style, featuring relief ceilings, stuccoes, and friezes. Other worthwhile places to visit include the Palazzo Ducale and the Church of Madonna Delle Velle, which stands in Gothic style, just outside the village.

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  1. Hello, hoping all is well

    I was just told that my grandfather was from Bugnara, Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Can you tell me exactly where that is?

  2. My Grandfather and Grandmother were from Bugnara Aquila, Italy after they both past, i lost touch with my family out there.
    can you tell me where to or how to find information on them?

    thank you in advance

    Jo-Marie Tamburrino
    grandparents last names are Dibbacco and Dipalo

    • Hello Joe-Marie, there are tour agencies in Abruzzo that specialize in tracking down family members in Bugnara and in Abruzzo.


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