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Easter holiday in Italy

is one of the most important holidays on the Italian calendar. Easter in Italy traditions are celebrated throughout Italy where there is a church but with less than a 20 minutes drive from Abruzzo Villas, the town of Chieti sets the stage for the oldest and most important historic Easter traditions in Italy.

The premier event is held during the Easter holiday in Italy in the old town of Chieti where approximately 40,000 tourists around the world flock to attend the Good Friday procession that is steeped in symbolism and music. UNESCO has also noted this Italian event as an important part of Easter traditions in Italy and will soon  become earmarked on the UNESCO heritage of world calendar of events.

This Easter tradition in Italy is famous for its slow walking procession through the winding streets of Chieti’s old town where religious symbolic objects and statues are paraded through the beautiful old town followed by state officials and an orchestra of 100 choir singers, violinists and flutists

The Easter holiday tradition in Italy is also known for the “cappucciati” that are also part of the procession that have their face covered by a hood, which was a typical dress of a medieval man (The Good Friday processions was born in that period) The hood is a sign of humility and obscurity, so the face is not recognized under the anonymity of good works and serves to cancel out the social class divide so that the rich are at one with the poor and the educated are at one with the less educated.



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