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Ski Abruzzo | Skiing in Abruzzo

Ski Abruzzo

Ski Abruzzo – the destination for winter sports enthusiasts and within just 50 minutes from the Abruzzo Villa you can Ski , break for lunch – and in spring, spend the rest of the day at the beach. Abruzzo skiing season is from December to April and because of the proximity to the Adriatic and winter precipitation patterns, Abruzzo skiing has often more snow than the Alps.

Abruzzo is a fantastic destination for skiers, snowboarders and cross­-country skiing as it has several ski resorts with 368 km of runs in 172 different ski tracks, all within a drive away. Located on the highest altitudes of Abruzzo Apennines, these ski areas are at heights nearly comparable to many resorts in the Alps.

Skiing in Abruzzo – Approximate Costs

Costs for an Abruzzo Ski pass varies depending on which Abruzzo Ski resort you are using, but for a “mattinata” (morning ski pass)  at Passo Lanciano will cost around 16 Euros; a full day pass around 22 Euros and renting the ski gear will cost around 20 Euros. Lunch with a small carafe of wine will cost around 9 Euros. Abruzzo Skiing instructors charge around 35 Euros per hour and 65 Euros if you are in a group.

Roccaraso Ski Resort and Gran Sasso Italy

Roccaraso Ski Resort is a town in central Italy. It is famous for its access to the Mountains of Roccaraso, a popular area to ski. This is the largest ski area in the central and southern part of Italy. It has been home to many famous ski races, including the World Junior Championships in 2012.

Gran Sasso Italy is a beautiful mountain in the Abruzzo region, located in central Italy. It is the most prominent feature in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. The nearest city to Gran Sasso is Roccaraso. The mountain is part of the Alpennines, which is a range that runs the complete length of the Italian peninsula. Italian State Highway 80 runs through the natural park, and can be visited year round. In the winter, skiing Gran Sasso Italy is most popular. In the summer, mountain climbers and hikers can enjoy the mountain.

Abruzzo Skiing – Ski Resort Distances from the Villa:

Passo Lanciano (Maiella): 40 km
Gran Sasso: 43 km
Campo Imperatore: 46 km
Campo di Giove: 50 km

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