Abruzzo, Italy?
Experience the Hidden Gem Of Italy

The diverse and picturesque terrains of the Abruzzo region makes it the ultimate vacation destination all year round. You get to explore the richness of the countrysides, seek adventures on the snow-covered mountains of Apennines and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the clear, blue Adriatic sea. And when you are done soaking the sun in the many beautiful parks of the region, you can witness the age-old Italian lifestyle in the medieval towns that are still untouched by the modern lifestyle.

The high mountains and broad valleys are home to stunning castles and vintage buildings and the sea is a popular attraction for sailing, snorkelling, jet-skiing, fishing and other watersports. You can also explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region at the many established camping sites and national parks. Abruzzo retains the beauty, culture and traditions of the yesteryears with year-round festivals, pageants and celebrations. And while you are here, indulge your senses at out gourmet food events and wine and olive oil tours.




Abruzzo is all about beautiful hilltop villages, picturesque medieval and Renaissance towns, delightful national parks and the Italian peninsula’s tallest mountain peak, the glorious Corno Grande. In addition to this beautiful locations, there are quite a few interesting facts about this scenic destination that makes it a hidden gem of Italy.

  • The early settlers in Abruzzo were Picenians–an Italian tribe that formed communities on the basis of occupational skills such as fishing and agriculture.
  • It boasts of a perfect climate and is home to an array of flora and fauna. In fact, the national parks are a great place for camping and spotting of wolves, brown bears, large cats and eagles!
  • With year-round festivals and winter skiing experiences to offer, almost any time of the year is a good time to visit Abruzzo!
  • In the spring, the Cocullo region in Abruzzo hosts the snake catcher’s festival where snakes draped around the statue of St Dominic is paraded around the village.
  • Abruzzo is a land of numerous dialect, including Sabine, Adriatic, Chieti, Teramo and the western Abruzzo dialect.


The beautiful city of Pescara is an ideal spot to base out of while you are vacationing in Abruzzo. It gives you an easy access to the Adriatic coastline with its long stretch of beaches, charming medieval villages and the mountain ranges. The city offers a wonderful dining experience with authentic Italian cuisines and a unique and exciting shopping experience. But the best reason of all would be the friendly and welcoming people and their warm hospitality. For the Abruzzese, the beauty and richness of their land is their pride and rightly so. Basing yourself in Pescara puts you in the ideal position of exploring the myriad beauty and glory that is Abruzzo.


A holiday in Abruzzo is incomplete without tracing the line of musicians, singers, actors, writers, directors, sports stars and other celebrities who hailed from this beautiful part of Italy. From pop-sensations Madonna to footballer Fabio Grosso, boxer Rocky Marciano, famous director Lars Kraume and the list is pretty extensive and includes some well-known names.


The most legit way to explore Abruzzo is by living in one of its many beautiful and charming villas that reflect its culture and traditions. Located along the clear and blue Adriatic coast, Villa Adriatic in Pescara is a great place to experience the real Italy. We are located within a short drive from the Pescara airport and the city is an ideal spot to explore authentic Italian food, wine, art and culture.