Yoga Holidays and Yoga Retreats in Italy

Yoga Holidays in Italy JULY 17-23, 2016   We offer Yoga retreats in the Adriatic Coast town of Pescara Italy. Your stay will be in an Award-Winning Villa surrounded by fruit orchids and over 100 olive trees offering you spectacular panoramic views of the Adriatic Coast, mountains, cities and countryside, making your Yoga holiday retreat in Italy


Cocullo Cocullo, province of Aquila is a sleepy medieval town around a 50 Minute drive from Abruzzo Villas with a population of a few hundred people but every first Thursday in May, Cocullo comes alive with thousands of tourists to attend one of Italy’s strangest festivals and procession  in honor of Cocullo’s patron Saint Domenico


Tagliacozzo Tagliacozzo population 6700 Province of Aquila 740 meters above sea level Tagliacozzo is around a 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Abruzzo Villas and well worth a day trip to explore this Medieval gem. Tagliacozzo has also won the title of one of Italy's most beautiful villages (i borghi piu belli d'Italia) Talgiacozzo main square is

Pacentro | Pictures of Pacentro | Pacentro Abruzzo Italy

Pacentro, A beautiful medieval town in Abruzzo, Italy to explore Pacentro is an exciting destination to reach as the scenic winding drive is part of the adventure. From Abruzzo Villas it should take around 1 hour and these trip pictures of Pacentro were made in early March. Please do feel free to contact us and ask

Abruzzo Nature

Abruzzo is known as the “Green Region of Europe” and also referred to as “Italy’s Garden”. The Abruzzo mountain range also known as “La Bella Addormentata” (The Sleeping Beauty) is 40 minutes away from the Villa. Abruzzo's extensive park system, Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, includes natural beauty akin to national parks in western United States. Among

Medieval Charming Villages | Abruzzo Medieval Towns

[caption id=attachment_296 align=alignleft width=167] Abruzzo Medieval Towns[/caption] Within Abruzzo lie some of Italy’s most beautiful ancient Abruzzo Medieval Towns rivaling those of Tuscany and Umbria. Montesilvano Colle village is your first stop as it is only a couple minutes drive from the Abruzzo villa rental. It is a small fortified village with excellent views of

Pescara Travel – Things to do in Pescara

Things to do in Pescara and Pescara top attractions Pescara is the capital city of the Province of Pescara, in Abruzzo Region of Italy and what makes this small city special for Italian tourists and international visitors alike is it''s unique location, the things to do in Pescara and Pescara's top attractions. Visitors to Abruzzo prefer

Abruzzo Beaches

Abruzzo Beaches [caption id=attachment_1960 align=alignright width=300] Abruzzo Beaches are known for its beautiful Blue Flag beaches.[/caption] The vast Adriatic beach coastline of Abruzzo Beaches takes around a 10-minute drive to reach from this Abruzzo villa rental where you can enjoy a swim and unwind in one of the many beach cafés. There are both private and